Tender Boat & Gangway Injuries

A cruise line has a duty to its passengers not only when they are on the ship, but when they are embarking and disembarking as well.  In fact, a cruise line owes its passengers a greater duty of care when it comes to embarking and disembarking a ship.  While under most circumstances a cruise lines owes its passengers the duty to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances, when a passenger is embarking or disembarking, the ship has the duty to provide safe ingress and egress.  In most cases, cruise ship passengers will board a ship by using a gangway or a tender boat.  Our firm has extensive experience with cases involving passengers who have sustained injuries due to a cruise line’s failure to properly maintain its gangways and tender boats, failure to provide passengers with assistance, failure to stop the boarding process during rough weather and failure to properly vet or investigate third-party contractors or port operators who handle the boarding process for the cruise lines.

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Gangway Accidents

One of the first dangers you will encounter as a cruise passenger will occur before you ever step foot onto the ship. Gangways and tender boat injuries are exceptionally common when compared to other cruise ship injuries.

The gangway is a platform which bridges the gap between the ship and the pier.  It is used when passengers board and leave the cruise ship.  These platforms are often carried on board the ship and have hundreds of people walking on them each day.  Such heavy traffic can wear down the protective non-skid adhesive tape and diamond plate embedded in the surface and cause a slipping hazard.  Trip and falls can also occur due to bent metal flaps on each end of the gangway, or the struts may become loose as a result of constant wear and tear.

Gangway accidents and the resulting injuries are governed by maritime law.  This means that a cruise line is required to adhere to certain safety regulations in order for passengers to have safe embarkation and disembarkation on and off the ship.  However, cruise ships do not always follow the necessary protocol and safety regulations.  If a passenger is injured on a gangway due to a cruise line’s failure to properly maintain its equipment, it can be held liable for negligence.

Tender Boat Accidents

The tender boat is used to transport passengers between the ship and the shore.  Often, a cruise passenger will encounter a tender boat when traveling to a shore excursion, and in some international zones, tender boats are used to transport cruise passengers to shore, rather than having the cruise ship dock in a port.  When boarding and offloading a tender boat, risk of injury is at its height, as a small ship is more likely move with the ocean waves causing crush and fall injuries.

While most tender boat accidents can be prevented by employing proper safety measures, many accidents still occur.  Lack of employee training, improper maintenance of tender boats, careless or reckless operation of the boat, or other circumstances can all result in a cruise line being held liable for a passenger’s tender boat injuries.

If you have suffered injuries due to a slip and fall or trip and fall, or other type of tender boat accident, it is important to consult with a maritime lawyer as soon as possible who can advise you of your legal rights and remedies.  Our firm knows what it takes to achieve a favorable outcome for victims of cruise ship injuries, including tender boat accidents.

It is important for those injured on a gangway or tender boat to know that there may be third party contractors who have been employed by the cruise line company which can make it difficult to identify the entity that is legally responsible for your accident.  Having an experienced maritime attorney represent you is vital in these types of cases.

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If you have been injured on a cruise ship gangway, it is best to consult with a cruise ship lawyer who is experienced in handling maritime personal injury cases who can advise you of your legal rights and remedies.  Our firm has significant cruise line injury experience, including gangway accidents, and as a result we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.  Free consultations to discuss your gangway accident are available, call today.

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