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Falls on wet decks and steps are generally the most common type of cruise ship accident.  Ship decks and floors are frequently wet due to  rain, sea spray, pool water, waterslides, spills and, somewhat ironically, cleaning.    Cruise lines regularly select floor surfaces that are more durable and easy to clean than slip resistant and safe for passengers.  As a result, slips and falls are extremely common.

Cruise ship doorways frequently have raised thresholds that are different than those you are familiar with on land.  Those thresholds can be difficult to see, higher than expected, and they are frequently bent or raised, making them higher in some places than others.  As a result, thresholds frequently cause tripping accidents on cruise ships.    

Stairways are another common place for cruise ship accidents.  Many cruise ship stairways are highly decorated, poorly lit, and very crowded.  These characteristics, in addition to the fact that cruise ships are often in motion, cause countless injuries every year.

Doors are another common cause of cruise ship accidents.  Cruise lines often fail to warn their guests that many doors on their ships are heavier than normal, often close automatically, and can close unexpectedly due to a wind tunnel effect in some parts of the ship.  This wind tunnel effect is most often seen in cabins.  For example, when a cabin door is opened at the same time  as a balcony door, the cabin door can slam shut unexpectedly and catch fingers and hands in the process.

It is important to be aware that cruise ships are not simply floating hotels.  Cruise ships are different than hotels in countless ways.

Supervise your children the same way you would at the beach or at a hotel.  Although a ship is a confined space, this does not mean that children should roam the ship unsupervised. There are countless dangers on cruise ships, and many accidents can be avoided with adequate supervision.  In addition, it is important to speak with your children about ship safety prior to your departure.

With years of experience investigating cruise ship accidents and defending the lawsuits that follow those accidents, we have some simple advice that can prevent some of the most common types of injuries.   

  • Be attentive to your choice of footwear.  Shoes like flip flops and sandals are popular on cruises in warm places like the Caribbean, but those shoes often have smooth, hard soles that provide little traction on wet floors.  While the cruise lines won’t warn you about wearing those kinds of shoes, they will certainly blame you for wearing them if you slip and get hurt.
  • Watch your alcohol consumption and that of those around you.  Cruise lines make a great deal of their profit from alcohol sales.  As a result, they are always pushing alcohol sales through special deals, unlimited drink packages, and special events.  Alcohol plays a role in an alarming number of accidents, so the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to drink in moderation and keep an eye out for those who don’t.
  • Be careful around doors.  The doors on a ship are different than the doors you are familiar with because many are watertight or fire-resistant.  They can be heavy, close fast, and are often is disrepair due to a life at sea.

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