Balcony & State Room Door Crush Injuries

The construction involved in cruise vessels is vastly different than terrestrial construction.  Typically the materials used in ship construction are significantly heavier, in order to build strength and rigidity on the exterior of the ship.  Balcony doors, while glass are significantly heavier than normal glass doors.  At times, ship movement or..more commonly, air flow can shut balcony doors, and unfortunately, these doors can catch passengers off guard and cause serious injury.  If you or a loved one has been injured by a balcony or state room door, call for a free consultation.

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Balcony & State Room Door Crush Injuries On Cruise Ships

If you have been Injured by a swinging or sliding balcony state room door, it can be very traumatic and severe. The cruise line has a responsibility to each of its passengers to maintain the ship and all of the ship’s balcony doors. Unfortunately, it is known that with many ships such precautions are often overlooked. Because of this there are many accidents each year that involve a balcony door injuring passengers and sometimes crew members. 

Suing a cruise ship may be much more complex than suing another person. The lawsuit may involve a number of different areas of law. Clauses contained within your contract with the cruise line may hinder your ability to sue the cruise ship. Attorney Geoffrey Probst is highly skilled in all the different areas of law required to sue a cruise line. He will be able to advise you of all of your rights and help you navigate the process of actually filing a case against the cruise ship.

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