Snorkeling Injuries

Our cruise line injury firm has extensive experience in handling cruise line negligence matters including snorkeling accidents. While snorkeling injuries do not occur on the cruise ship, cruise lines may be held liable for injuries sustained while passengers are on snorkeling excursion, especially if those excursions are on the cruise line’s private island. With exceptional attentiveness to every detail in every case, we fight for the rights of those injured and work diligently to ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible.

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I will listen to all of your concerns and questions.  I understand that you may have many questions and concerns, and I will work with you to help answer your questions throughout the duration of your case.

Once you retain my services, I will offer strong, relevant legal counsel based on experience handling over 750 cruise injury cases.

I will provide realistic expectations for you and your family regarding your potential outcome and timelines associated with your case.  These expectations are based on my extensive knowledge of the cruise line industry, and the processes within the cruise line litigation departments.

Cruise lines count on you settling early in your case, we know this and stay in the fight in order obtain maximum recovery. I will work with whatever witnesses, experts, media, materials, and medical professionals available to ensure the strongest outcome for your case.

While preparing your case for trial or settlement, I will advance all the costs associated with handling your case.

I will NOT CHARGE A DIME to you or your family unless we are able to obtain a recovery on your case.

Snorkeling Injury Attorney

Many cruise lines are known for offering a wide variety of activities and offshore excursions. Snorkeling is a common cruise activity, and as a result is typically advertised as a family friendly activity, and in most instances, it is a fun and safe activity.  While not as dangerous as SCUBA diving, snorkeling injuries unfortunately can still occur.

Founding attorney Geoff Probst has over 30 years of diving and snorkeling experience, and is able to offer a knowledgeable approach to handling snorkeling injuries. Common snorkeling injuries are listed below.

  1. Injuries from animals. (jelly fish stings, sea urchin injuries)
  2. Injuries from swimming into something (These injuries can occur when water visibility is reduced)
  3. Hypothermia (Typically occurs when a person stays in the water too long, and is exposed after exiting the water)
  4. Cuts from coral or rocks

Despite all the precautions a cruise passenger may take, faulty equipment; poor instruction; dangerous conditions; or other negligence on the part of a cruise line can result in snorkeling injuries.

We can help you and your family if you or a loved one is injured while snorkeling due to cruise line negligence. We aggressively fight for a victim’s right to secure the maximum compensation available under the law.

Snorkeling Accidents

Snorkeling can be a great way to have access to marine life and enjoy the water. Although it is a relatively safe water activity, accidents can still happen. Faulty equipment; hazardous conditions; and failure to warn of dangers specific to the snorkeling area can all contribute to accidents, leading to various types of snorkeling injuries.

If the negligence or recklessness of a cruise line, its employee, or agent caused a snorkeling accident, you may be entitled to recover for injuries. Contact The Probst Law Firm today to discuss your snorkeling accident.

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If you have been injured in a snorkeling accident, it is best to consult with an experienced attorney who can advise you of your legal rights. We have extensive experience in handling cruise line negligence, including snorkeling accidents. In addition, our founding attorney, Geoffrey Probst has a unique understanding of the cruise line industry, having served as both defense counsel for cruise lines and plaintiff’s counsel for cruise guests who were wrongfully injured.

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