About Attorney Geoff Probst

I started The Probst Law Firm to help people who are seriously injured aboard cruise ships recover full compensation for what was taken as a result of the cruise line’s negligence.
Over the last 13 years I have defended all three of the major cruise lines against claims made by people injured aboard their ships.
I began defending the cruise lines while working at one of south Florida’s defense law firms. Three years later I was recruited and hired by Norwegian Cruise Line to build and run its in-house litigation department. I ran that department for 10 years until I switched sides to use my experience to help those who suffer from injuries, rather than those who cause them.

My Promise

I will listen to all of your concerns and questions.  I understand that you may have many questions and concerns, and I will work with you to help answer your questions throughout the duration of your case.

Once you retain my services, I will offer strong, relevant legal counsel based on experience handling over 750 cruise injury cases.

I will provide realistic expectations for you and your family regarding your potential outcome and timelines associated with your case.  These expectations are based on my extensive knowledge of the cruise line industry, and the processes within the cruise line litigation departments.

Cruise lines count on you settling early in your case, we know this and stay in the fight in order obtain maximum recovery. I will work with whatever witnesses, experts, media, materials, and medical professionals available to ensure the strongest outcome for your case.

While preparing your case for trial or settlement, I will advance all the costs associated with handling your case.

I will NOT CHARGE A DIME to you or your family unless we are able to obtain a recovery on your case.

Why I am Different Than Other Injury Attorneys That Handle Cruise Injury Cases

I have handled over 750 cruise line cases involving both passengers and crew members, in federal and state court as well as in arbitration.  I have handled cases involving virtually every and everything in between cruise ship accident from wrongful death to slip and falls and everything in between.

I have worked alongside and against some of the best attorneys in this area of the law.  As a result, I have seen what works and what doesn’t for both the cruise lines and the people injured on their ships.  I have learned that when it comes to cruise ship injuries, the best offense is the former defense.

I have an insider’s perspective.  I know how the cruise lines evaluate and defend their cases.  I also know how to use that information to get the best possible results for the people the cruise lines injure.

Because my experience running an in-house litigation department for a major cruise line is unique, I focus my practice on cruise ship injuries.  But, if the situation calls for it, I also represent those seriously injured on shore.

My Early Experience:

I grew up boating and SCUBA diving which instilled in me a love for the ocean.  I also developed a love for arguing and trying cases at an early age when I won my first jury trial in my middle school mock court system.

I was able to combine my passions for the ocean and the courtroom when I started my legal career as a prosecutor in the Florida Keys.  Living in the Keys let me spend my free time on the water boating, diving, and spearfishing.  And working as a prosecutor provided invaluable training and experience in the courtroom.  My career has centered around the water and the courtroom ever since.

Why I Switched Sides:

I was out of place working for the defense.  I couldn’t help but see the case from the injured person’s perspective.  My personality is better suited for fighting for the underdog.

While I was able to get some great results for the cruise lines, it’s hard to find pleasure in sending an injured person away with much less than they deserve or nothing at all.  And that was my job.

Winning for a multi-billion-dollar corporation isn’t nearly as rewarding as winning for an individual.  A great result for an injured person can change that person’s life.  A great result for a huge corporation is hardly a blip on the radar and your client’s appreciation lasts only as long as it takes for them to hand you the next file.

Why Do I Have Two Office Locations:

I was born and raised in Atlanta and attended Paideia and UGA.  My career took away from Atlanta for years, but I have always wanted to return.  Switching to the Plaintiff’s side has given me that opportunity because most lawsuits against cruise lines must be filed in the Southern District of Florida, even though the injured people suing come from all over the world.  I practice in both Atlanta and South Florida so I can represent the people of the Southeast who are required to bring suit in South Florida.  Being licensed and having offices in both Florida and Georgia allows me to do what most cruise line lawyers can’t: meet my clients in person and develop a relationship with them from the beginning that enables me to truly understand how the cruise line’s negligence has affected their lives.

Working in Atlanta puts me within driving distance of every major metropolitan area in the Southeast.  Being close to my clients allows me to meet their families, their doctors, their colleagues and anyone else who will be an important witness in the case.  I don’t believe a lawyer can effectively represent a person they have only met over the phone.  I also believe in only taking cases I am willing to take to trial and in preparing every case as if it is going to trial.  Properly preparing for trial requires meeting all the key players in person and the easiest way to do that is to maintain an office nearby.

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I have personally handled over 750 Cruise Injury Cases
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