Sexual Assaults On Cruise Ships

A sexual assault in any environment is a terrifying and life-changing event, but they can be even worse when they occur on a cruise ship.  A person who has been assaulted on a ship may be stuck on the ship for days afterward with no place to go while they wait for the ship to reach a port of call.  During that time they may be far away from the love and support of their family and friends, all the while knowing that they are confined to the ship with the person who assaulted them. As your attorney, I will vigorously and aggressively pursue the cruise lines when their negligence allows a sexual assault to occur.  I am on your side, and will fight to pursue justice on your behalf.

My Promise

I will listen to all of your concerns and questions.  I understand that you may have many questions and concerns, and I will work with you to help answer your questions throughout the duration of your case.

Once you retain my services, I will offer strong, relevant legal counsel based on experience handling over 750 cruise injury cases.

I will provide realistic expectations for you and your family regarding your potential outcome and timelines associated with your case.  These expectations are based on my extensive knowledge of the cruise line industry, and the processes within the cruise line litigation departments.

Cruise lines count on you settling early in your case, we know this and stay in the fight in order obtain maximum recovery. I will work with whatever witnesses, experts, media, materials, and medical professionals available to ensure the strongest outcome for your case.

While preparing your case for trial or settlement, I will advance all the costs associated with handling your case.

I will NOT CHARGE A DIME to you or your family unless we are able to obtain a recovery on your case.

Victims Of Sex Assault On Cruise Ships

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted while on a cruise, Attorney Geoffrey Probst can help! A cruise line has a duty to warn of known dangers aboard its ships.  And sexual assaults are a very well known danger, but the cruise lines don’t like to talk about them, much less warn passengers of them.

  But that changed in 2010 with the Cruise Ship Vessel Security Act of 2010 (CVSSA).

The CVSSA requires cruise lines to keep records of all complaints and certain crimes,including sexual assault and rape.  They are also required to report those crimes to the FBI and the Department of Transportation (DOT).  The DOT then has to compile those reports and publish quarterly statistical compilations of crimes like sexual assault and rape.  The CVSSA has helped bring to light the frequency with which cruise line sexual assaults and rapes occur.

It’s unfortunate that many sex crimes still go unreported, but the CVSSA has helped bring to light many of the incidents that are reported on cruise ships.  The CVSSA is just one of the tools The Probst Law Firm uses when fighting for clients who have been sexually assaulted during a cruise.

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