Yachts, Pleasure Boats, Jet Skis, & Fishing Boats

With cruise ships, passengers are often times able to experience other vessels, jet skis, tender boats, fishing boats, and many more.  If you have been on a boat or vessel of any kind, and been injured, I can help.  I am able to offer a unique perspective that understands the defense, has worked with this specific type of law for my entire career, and know how to get results.  Whether you chartered a fishing boat, or used a jet ski as a part of a cruise experience and were injured, I can help.

My Promise

I will listen to all of your concerns and questions.  I understand that you may have many questions and concerns, and I will work with you to help answer your questions throughout the duration of your case.

Once you retain my services, I will offer strong, relevant legal counsel based on experience handling over 750 cruise injury cases.

I will provide realistic expectations for you and your family regarding your potential outcome and timelines associated with your case.  These expectations are based on my extensive knowledge of the cruise line industry, and the processes within the cruise line litigation departments.

Cruise lines count on you settling early in your case, we know this and stay in the fight in order obtain maximum recovery. I will work with whatever witnesses, experts, media, materials, and medical professionals available to ensure the strongest outcome for your case.

While preparing your case for trial or settlement, I will advance all the costs associated with handling your case.

I will NOT CHARGE A DIME to you or your family unless we are able to obtain a recovery on your case.

Yachts, Pleasure Boats, Jet Skis or Fishing Boat Injuries

Passengers on cruise ships can be injured in a variety of ways. Every day, passengers sustain injuries due to accidents aboard ships. This also includes activities that are a part of the vacation package but not necessarily while you are physically on the cruise ship itself. 

Many cruise line vacation packages include activities and mini-tours on yachts, pleasure boats, jet skis, chartered fishing trips and more. If you or someone you know has been injured while attending one of these activities then you might be entitled to compensation. 

Every cruise ship has a legal duty to every passenger and crew member to exercise what is known as reasonable care under the circumstances. Chartered cruises are no exception to this rule. What this means is that the cruise line does not have to provide an accident-free ship but must take reasonable precautions to protect passengers from danger. 

No matter the type of accident that you or your loved one were involved in, it is your right to hire an attorney to investigate the accident. If the accident is a direct result of the cruise line’s negligence then Attorney Geoffrey Probst will work with you through each step of the process with the goal of getting you or your loved one the compensation that you deserve.

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