Boat & Jet Ski Injuries

Residents of Georgia and Florida are fortunate to be surrounded by water.  We have virtually countless lakes and miles of rivers and coastland.  With all that water come thousands of boats and jet skis and, unfortunately, thousands of avoidable accidents.
The United States Coast Guard reported that in 2019 there were over 4000 recreational boating accidents that resulted in over 2500 injuries and over 600 deaths across the country. Many of those accidents occurred in Florida and Georgia.

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Boat & Jet Ski Injuries  

Some of the most common boat and jet ski accidents involve collisions with other boats, fixed objects (like piers, docks, and bridges), shallow water, and swimmers.  The causes of boat and jet ski accidents are often the same as the causes of automobile accidents. Inattention, not keeping a proper lookout, lack of experience, excessive speed, drugs or alcohol, mechanical failure, and violation of navigational rules can all lead to avoidable accidents and serious injuries.

While boat accidents and car accidents can be caused by similar acts of negligence, accidents on the water can be more severe due to the unique risks inherent to boating; the risk of drowning is one of the most obvious.  Boats and jet skis also lack some of the protections provided by a car, like seatbelts and a sturdy metal enclosure.  And while drunk drivers are a massive problem on the road, they may be an even bigger problem on the water.  Many people go out on the water to relax, and for many, that also means drinking.  Unfortunately, people who are out relaxing and drinking often let their guard down and take unnecessary risks. Too often, those risks result in accidents, as indicated by the fact that alcohol was a leading factor in 23% of the boating accidents deaths in 2019.

Operator inexperience is another common cause of boat and jet ski accidents. Very few people operate boats or jet skis as frequently as they drive their cars. Even avid boaters are likely not as experienced or capable with their boat as they are with their cars. Worse still, many people don’t own the boat or jet ski they are operating. Boats and jet skis are commonly rented or loaned to friends or family members who don’t have the experience to operate them safely and that leads to serious accidents all too often.

I spent nearly 15 years defending lawsuits involving accidents on the water.  I know how the defense operates and that they are often able to win cases that they should lose against injured people with legitimate claims and serious injuries.  As a reformed defense lawyer, I know how to prevent that from happening to you.  If you have been injured in a boat or jet ski accident, I can help.

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