Shore Excursion Injuries

Shore excursions can offer cruise passengers the opportunity to explore new places, countries, and cultures. Although excursions can be fun, it is important to
remember that accidents can still happen. If you or a loved one has experienced an injury while on a cruise shore excursion, you may be entitled to compensation.
With years of experience in cruise line law, our team is prepared to help you and your family seek justice for your injury.
The Probst Law Firm will work diligently and aggressively to ensure that you are justly compensated for your shore excursion injuries.

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Shore Excursion Injuries

It is common for cruise lines to promote options to its passengers for excursions at ports of call. Horseback riding, zip-lining, snorkeling, water sports, parasailing, hiking, tour boat rides, and walking tours are some examples of popular activities that are offered. However, these activities are not without risk and injuries happen. In addition, there may be many contributing factors that caused your shore excursion accident, including negligence by the cruise line, or shore excursion company.

Depending on the type of activity, injuries incurred on shore can range from:

• Broken bones
• Lacerations
• Drowning
• Illness
• Fatality
• Permanent physical injuries

If you have suffered from an injury on a shore excursion, it is best to contact a cruise accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure any applicable statutes of limitation do not run out prior to filing your claim. The statute of limitations begin running on the date the injury was sustained. Our legal team will advise you as to your legal rights and remedies and fight for your right to recover medical expenses, lost work wages, pain and suffering and any additional injuries that you may have encountered.

Shore Excursion Liability

Cases involving injuries suffered during shore excursions are complicated. Cruise lines try to avoid liability for activities that take place off the ship by including provisions in passenger tickets that are intended to legally insulate the cruise line from the negligence of the shore excursion operator. Cruise lines are also often separate legal entities than the shore excursion companies which they designate as independent contractors. These kinds of legal maneuvers often make it difficult to determine who is legally responsible for an injury and can make it difficult to sue the responsible party. But, our legal team will work to get through these types of legal obstacles and hold all negligent parties accountable. And with a shore injury claim, there may be a number of parties responsible for your injuries. When you purchase a cruise ticket or travel package, you are placing the safety of yourself and your loved ones in the hands of the cruise line. When a cruise line fails to keep your family safe, our legal team will work with you to seek maximum compensation.

Oftentimes, the cruise line or the excursion company (or both) have passengers execute waivers of liability prior to engaging in shore excursion activities. These waivers may include language that attempts to absolve the cruise line from liability for injury and restricts the jurisdiction in which to bring a lawsuit. However, in some cases, these waivers may not be enforceable.

With extensive prior experience in cruise ship defense, we have the unique advantage of knowing the strategies to successfully defeat this kind of defense. Cruise injury law is a complex discipline, and within cruise injury law, the complexities involved with shore excursion injuries can seem insurmountable to
families that are seeking justice, we will lead and guide you through to justice.

Some questions that you may have about these types of cases are answered below.

Can I File A Claim For A Shore Excursion Injury That Occurred Outside of The U.S.?

This is a common fear and concern among those who are injured while traveling to international locations on a cruise. In some cases, you are able to file suit and seek justice, but it can be a complex process. Many cruise lines base their companies in various international countries in order to further complicate the
lawsuit process. The combination of international waters, 3rd party vendors, internationally based cruise lines, and injuries sustained in a different country can seem overwhelming. Our legal team has worked with countless families, with a variety of complex cruise injuries, and we have been able to deliver excellent
results for the people that we have represented. If you want to learn more about how we can help you file suit for an injury that occurred internationally, call our firm today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Who Do I Sue When I Am Injured On A Shore Excursion?

The most frustrating component of facing an injury, is recognizing that the injury could have been avoided, and working to determine who was at fault. The simple act of traveling from the cruise ship to the shore, involves numerous entities and jurisdictions. Once on land, you may wonder, what are the governing laws, what party is responsible for me if I get injured, and at different times, the true answers to these questions may be different. From a broad overview, the cruise line may be held liable for your safety and security when you travel on shore. If the cruise line is aware of dangers shoreside, they are typically responsible for warning you of those dangers. Similarly, cruise lines are responsible for properly vetting or investigating the vendors before they partner with them to provide shore excursions. Often cruise lines will fail to do so or will ignore warnings signs after partnering with them. In those types of situations, the cruise line may be responsible for your shore excursion injury. While all of this is highly complex, our team is accustomed to working through these scenarios to hold the proper parties accountable. 

Contact a Shore Excursion Accident Attorney

If you were a cruise passenger who was injured on a shore excursion, or have lost a loved one during a shore excursion accident, it is best to consult with a cruise line shore excursion attorney. A cruise ship accident lawyer can best advise you of your legal rights and remedies. We have vast experience in handling maritime law matters and obtaining maximum compensation for those who suffered shore excursion injuries. Contact our team to schedule a free consultation in Atlanta, Georgia, or Weston, Florida to discuss your shore excursion accident.

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